13/12/15 ‘Wellness’ at D-Spot, Brugge (BE)
3,4/12/15 ‘Schönheitsabend’ at Theaterhuset Avant Garden, Trondheim (NO)

25,26,28/11/15 ‘Schönheitsabend’ at Mousonturm, Frankfurt (DE)

28/10/15 ‘Schönheitsabend’ at Nona, Mechelen (BE)
27/10/15 ‘Kein Applaus fur Scheisse’ at Stuk, Leuven (BE)
15,16,17/10/15 ‘Schönheitsabend’ at Campo, Gent (BE)
1,2,3,4,5/10/15 ‘Jungle’ at Tanzhaus, Zurich (CH)

                                                                                             22,23/09/15 ‘Wellness’ at Sophiensaele, Berlin (DE)
17,18,19/09/15 ‘Wellness’  at  l’Arsénic, Lausanne (CH)
11,12/09/15 ‘Flaming Lamborghini’ at WUK, Vienna (AT)

29/08/15 ‘Schönheitsabend’ at Reykjavik Dance Festival, Reykjavik (IS)
19,20,21,22/08/15 ‘Schönheitsabend’ at Kampnagel, Hamburg (DE)
17/08/15 ‘Kein Applaus fur Scheisse’ at Brigittines, Brussels (BE)
11,12,13/08/15 ‘Schönheitsabend’ at Impulstanz Vienna (AT) PREMIERE

25/06-05/07/15 ‘Gonzo’ a preview of ‘Jungle’ at Berliner Festspiele, Berlin (DE)
09/05/15 Performance Extravagnaza with Vincent and Flo at Brut, Vienna (AT)
06/05/15 Young Boys Dancing Group opening at Lithuanian Pavilion, Venice Biennale (IT)
02/05/15  ‘4 Ultimate’ with Young Boys Dancing Group at Frascati, Amsterdam (NL)

25/04/15 ‘Wellness’ at Ringlokschuppen,  Mülheim an der Ruhr (DE)

1-30/03/15 performing Tino Sehgal’s ‘Kiss’ at Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam (NL)

21/02/15 ‘4 Ultimate’ with Young Boys Dancing Group at Post Norma, Amsterdam (NL)
19/02/15 ‘Wellness’ at Rotterdamse Schouwburg, Rotterdam (NL)
12,13/02/15 ‘Wellnes’ at Something Raw-Frascati, Amsterdam (NL)

9, 10, 11./01/15   NY, ‘Kein Applaus fur Scheisse’ at American Realness NYC (USA)
14,15,16/1/15 ‘Flaming Lamborghini’ at Tanztage Berlin, Sophiensaele, Berlin (DE) PREMIERE
23 & 24/1/15  ‘Kein Applaus fur Scheisse’ at Gessnerallee/Keine Disziplin festival, Zürich (CH)

14,15/10/14  ‘Wellness’ at Beursschouwburg, Brussel (BE)

1/10/14 ‘Recovery After show’ hosted by Vincent Riebeek at  BrutVienna (AT)

19/9/14 ‘4UTLIMATE’ at MAMA Gallery Rotterdam (NL)
18/9/14 ‘4ULTIMATE’ at ‘Silencio‘, club Paris (FR)
11/9/14  ‘Spirit’ & 12/09/14 ‘Wellness’ at Avant Garden, Trondheim (NO)

14,15,16/8/14 ‘Wellness’ at Hamburg /International Summer Festival @ Kampnagel (DE)

14//6/14  ‘Only pigs play in the mud’ -Pieter v.d. Boschat  Working Title Festival, Brussels (BE)
3,4,5,6/6/14 June ‘X-Choreographen’ at Theater der Welt/Mannheim (DE)

16-17/5/14 ‘Wellness’ at ‘Spring’, Utrecht (NL)
12/5/14 ‘4ULTIMATE’ at Arti Gallery Amsterdam (NL)
2/5/14 ‘4ULTIMATE’ at Alexander Zemerofsky Ballet Studio, Amsterdam (NL) PRIVATE SHOWING

14/2/14 ‘Spirit’ at IBT Festival, Bristol (UK)
8/2/14 ‘Wellness’  at Mousenturm, Frankfurt (DE)
7/2/14 ‘Spirit’  at Mousenturm, Frankfurt (DE)
6/2/14 ‘Kein Applaus fur Scheisse at Mousenturm, Frankfurt (DE)
1,2/2/14 ‘Wellness’ at Gesnerallee, Zurich (CH)

28,29,30/1/14 ‘Wellness’ at Brut, Vienna (AT)
17,18/1/14 ‘Spirit’ at Blackbox Theatre, Oslo (NO)

4,5,6/12/13 ‘Wellness’ at Campo, Gent (BE)

29,30/11/13 ‘Wellness’ at Munich Spielart, Munich (DE)
23,24/11/13 ‘Spirit’ at Strange Magic Festival Sophiensaele, Berlin (DE)
15,16/11/13 ‘Wellness’ at FFT Dusseldorf (DE)  PREMIERE

3/10/13 ‘Kein Applaus fur Scheisse’ at CLUB CONTROL, Bukarest (RO)

28/9/13 ‘Kein Applaus fur Scheisse’ at SPIDERONTHEEDGE, Ljubljana (SLO)
13,14/9/13 ‘Kein Applaus fur Scheisse’ at Bastard 2013, Trondheim (NO)

3,4,6/8/13 ‘Occupy the Museum’ at Impulstanz Vienna (AT)

31/7/13 ‘Spirit’ at Mein Herz Festival, Dro (IT)
4-5/7/13 ‘Come Clean’ at Uferhallen, Berlin (DE)

22+23/6/13 ‘Spirit’ at Brut, Vienna (AT)    CANCELLED

18-19/6/13 ‘The show show’ at Sophiensaele, Berlin (DE)
14-15/6/13 ‘The show show’ at Frascati, Amsterdam (NL) PREMIERE

8/5/13 ‘Kein Applaus fur Scheisse’ at FFT, Dusseldorf (DE)
3/5/13 ‘Spirit’ at ‘De Spil’, Roeselare (BE)

27/4/13  ‘Spirit’ at Murcia (ES)
17/4/13 ‘Spirit’ at Kontrapunkt Festival, Szczecin (PL)

8-9/3/13  ‘Spirit’ at Brut, Vienna (AT)

23/2/13 ‘Spirit’ at D-Spot, Brugge (BE)  CANCELLED 😦
11-14/2/13 ‘Kein Applaus fur Scheisse’ at IBT, Bristol (UK)
8,9/2/13 ‘Come Clean’ at Melkweg, Amsterdam (NL) PREMIERE

30,31/1/13 ‘Spirit’ at Beursschouwburg, Brussel (BE)

30,31/12/12 ‘Kein Applaus fur Scheisse’ at Brut, Vienna (AT)

30/11/12 ‘Spirit’ at Frascati, Amsterdam (NL)
14/11/12 ‘Spirit’ at KC Nona Mechelen (BE)

17,18,19/10/12 ‘Spirit’ at Campo, Ghent (BE) PREMIERE
24/9-16/10/12  In residency with ‘Spirit’ at Campo, Ghent (BE)

18-23/9/12  ‘Kein Applaus fur Scheisse’ at Ganz New Festival Zagreb (HR)
27/8-9/9/12 In residency with ‘Spirit’ at Campo, Ghent (BE)

22-24/8/12 ‘Choreographers X’ TanzImAugust, Berlin (DE)
11/8/12 Blockparty opening with Ligia M. Lewis for TanzImAugust, Berlin (DE)

24/7/12  ‘Dust’ with Michele Rizzo at Galeria Vermelho, Sao Paulo (BR)
5-6/7/12 ‘Kein Applaus Fur Scheisse’ at Belluard Festival, Fribourg (CH)

20-29/5/12 ‘Justice’ at Artspace, Auckland (NZ)
4-19/5/12 visiting L’ecole des Sables, Senegal.
3/5/12 ‘Spirit’ at Theater Kikker, Utrecht (NL)

27,28/4/12  ‘Justice’ at Springdance Marathon, Utrecht (NL) PREMIERE
17/4/12  ‘Justice’&’hotyoungartstar’ perform ‘Spirit’ at FLAM,  Amsterdam (NL)
16/4/12  ‘Super Bowl’ at FLAM, Amsterdam (NL) with
.                            Noha Ramadan, Steve Martin Snider and Florentina Holzinger

26/3/12-30/4/12 In residency with ‘Spirit’ at Kaaistudios, Workspace Brussels (BE)
9/3/12  ‘Kein Applaus Fur Scheisse’ Imagetanz at Brut, Vienna (AT)
2/3/12  ‘Super Bowl’ opening for Imagetanz at Brut with Noha Ramadan,
.                           Steve Martin Snider and Florentina Holzinger, Vienna (AT)

23/2/12 ‘Spirit’ 100grad Festival at Hau, Berlin (DE) (winner best production)

10/1/-23/1/12  In residency with ‘Spirit’ at PACT Zollverein Essen (DE)

18/12/11 ‘Spirit’  WorkingTitlePlatform Workspacebrussels at Brigittines Brussels

25,26/11/11 ‘Spirit’ Fraslab at Frascati WG Amsterdam (NL)
17,18/11/11 ‘Kein Applaus Fur Scheisse’ at Campo Gent (BE)

28,29/10/11 ‘Kein Applaus Fur Scheisse’  at Beursschouwburg Brussels (BE)
17-30/10/11  In residency with ‘Spirit’ at Workspacebrussels (BE)
14/10/11 ‘Kein Applaus Fur Scheisse’ at Theater Kikker Utrecht (NL)

29/8-11/9/11  In residency with ‘Spirit’ at Frascati WG Amsterdam (NL)

12/8/11  ‘Kein Applaus Fur Scheisse’ at Creature Feature opening TiA Berlin (DE)
1-14/8/11 In residency with ‘Spirit’ at Impulstanz Festival Vienna (AT)
29/7-1/8/11 ‘Kein Applaus Fur Scheisse’ at Theater aan Zee Festival Oostende (BE)

14-15/7/11 ‘Kein Applaus Fur Scheisse’ at Ufer Hallen Berlin (DE)

10-11/6/11 ‘Kein Applaus Fur Scheisse’ at Melkweg Amsterdam (NL)

27-28/4/11  ‘Kein Applaus Fur Scheisse’ at KC Nona Mechelen (BE) PREMIERE
19-28/4/11  In residency with ‘Kein Applaus Fur Scheisse’ at KC Nona Mechelen (BE)
18/4/11 ‘Kein Applaus Fur Scheisse’ at FLAM Arti Gallery Amsterdam (NL)
10/4/11 ‘Dust’ at Volksroom Brussels (BE)
3/4/11   ‘Kein Applaus Fur Scheisse’ at Creature Feature Basso Berlin (DE)

24-26/3/11 ‘Dust’ at Frascati WG Amsterdam (NL) PREMIERE

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